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Drum! Presents: Stanton Moore – The New Orleans Guaguanco

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Drum! Presents: Stanton Moore – The New Orleans Guaguanco

This is a hybrid I came up with by mixing a New Orleans mambo with the Cuban guaguancó [Ex. 1]. It’s a fun groove to play and you can experiment with where you want to use it. For example, you could use it in a drum or percussion solo or breakdown. Or you can use it to create a different texture for a part of a tune or behind someone else’s solo.

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DVD Review – Stanton Moore: Take it to the Street: A Modern Approach to New Orleans Drumming


Part 2 of Stanton Moore’s two part series on New Orleans drumming is his take on modern New Orleans drumming. If you saw the first one you might get a feeling of deja-vu watching this one as lots of the same stuff seems to be covered in this DVD. For example there is another section on using the different areas of the snare drum just like the previous DVD

I did note that I complained about how he didn’t talk much about sticking on the first DVD. Well he does on this DVD. If he’s going to talk about a sticking in a particular chapter, the chapter will be named after that particular sticking. Usually the chapter consists of him just going through a bunch of different ideas that you can accomplish with that particular. Much like the last DVD. Lots of good ideas but I feel that he just scratches the surface with the meager amount of time that he uses to actually teach. He does once again have a bunch of sections on specific rhythms that he came up with for the drum-set. There’s one he calls magnolia special that involves him using a jingle stick (christmas wand) on a floor tom to get this tambourine kind of vibe. Read more…

DVD Review – Stanton Moore: Take it to The Street: A Traditional Approach to New Orleans Drumming

Before I begin the review, I have to make everyone aware of a policy change that I will make effective as of this review. From now on I’m going to review DVD’s with more then one volume (like this one) each on their own individual merits. I realized in my review of Joe Morello’s DVDs that I barely mentioned the first DVD at all in my review. Granted, my opinion at that time (and it hasn’t changed since) was that there really wasn’t much to talk about. Still, it merited it’s own separate review. I will still talk about the relationship between the (or more) related products, but my score at the end will be reflective of the product as it stands by itself.

And now, on with the review!
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Drummer Talk 05/01/2008 – N’awlins Y’all

Carter is in the driver’s seat this week as we talk about New Orleans drumming! Zigaboo Modeliste is the drummer of the week, the 13-stroke roll is the rudiment of the week, and we get a visit from some crazy bird … crow … sea gull things. Show Notes

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