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Roland Visits Memphis Drum Shop

Got a cool heads up from Jim Pettit, owner of Memphis Drum Shop (aka The Best Drum Shop on the Face of the Planet) today. For all those in the Memphis area tomorrow the good folks from Roland USA will be in store for free one-on-one lessons and small group lessons on any Roland product. Basically, if you’ve got a piece of Roland equipment that maybe you don’t know how to get the most out of it or have a question, come on down and they’ll help you in person with the gear. Gotta love Memphis Drum Shop. They always go that extra mile for their customers.


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Memphis Drum Shop Featured in MTV’s Flipside Memphis

Good things come in groups, I guess. Flipside Memphis, which is a series of videos about local Memphis music and such that MTV has recently put out, put together a short video about the Memphis Drum Shop. I know we’ve talked about our love for MDS ad nauseum on the show, but I think this video really sums it up. AND, the main narrator is my own instructor, Renardo Ward. Pretty cool. Check it out. Links to the Flipside Memphis site can be found after the jump.

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Memphis Drum Shop Named 2008 Indie Retailer of the Year

Great news for Jim Petit and the guys at the Memphis Drum Shop! Music Inc. Magazine has named MDS as it’s 2008 Independent Retailer of the Year and ran a long feature article on owner/founder Jim Petit in a recent issue. VERY interesting read. You can download the article itself from the magazine’s website here. Check the links below for more info on Memphis Drum Shop or Music Inc. Congrats to MDS! Best Drum Shop in the world!


Memphis Drum Shop

Music Inc. Magainze

Ronald Bruner Jr. and Jason McGerr Visit Memphis Drum Shop

Proving that the Memphis Drum Shop is a top notch and high caliber establishment, a couple of the drumming community’s up and coming players dropped by recently and showcased some of their talent. Ronald Bruner Jr. (Stanley Clark) and Jason McGerr (Death Cab For Cutie) both sat down at the kit in MDS’s cymbal vault (which houses the largest Zildjian collection in the world outside of the Zildjian factory itself) and gave viewers a tiny showcase.

It’s interesting to see the difference in styles between the two guys. Ronald is very flashy and all about the speed while Jason is very methodical and has a  more calm, cool, and collected vibe. Love both of their playing.

Pearl Rep Demos Demon Drive Pedal at Memphis Drum Shop

Our good friends at the Memphis Drum Shop have a great video on their website of Pearl rep Gene Okamato demonstrating the ins and outs of the Pearl’s new Demon Drive (reported on Drummertalk recently). I love the demonstration of the bearings. Makes me want to buy one now.


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Vater Releases Gospel Sticks

Looks like gospel drumming is everywhere we turn these days. After a wonderful night at the Teddy Campbell clinic at Memphis Drum Shop Tuesday (review coming on this week’s show), looks like today that Vater has released several models of gospel sticks. Not sure how these sticks are customized for gospel drumming. The finish looks like the same from the Zildjian Travis Barker signatures, which I recall despising. We’ll have to try some out and see. Comment away if you’ve tried out the sticks. Let us know what you think!

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Drummer Talk Archives – World’s Fastest Drummer, Clinics, Memphis Drum Shop

While we are Drumathon-ing, please enjoy one of the shows from our archive. This show was originally posted on September 15, 2005.


The second real show features Dave, Ian Mac, and Bryan Rumfola. In this episode we discuss New Orleans, World’s Fastest Drummer, clinics and the Memphis Drum Shop, and entry level kits.

CORRECTION: In this week’s podcast, I mentioned that Paiste was a Finnish company when in fact, it is a Swiss company. Man, I was WAY off!! Thanks, Simon, for the heads up! :^)

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