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Jojo Mayer like you’ve never seen him

Sometimes it can be difficult to picture our drumming heros playing outside of their “comfort zone,” so to speak, so it’s refreshing when they step out of themselves and let loose a bit.  We’re so used to Jojo Mayer being eternally precise and accurate, but in this video he’s slappin’ them skins Bonham style!

NOTE: Please watch this for the drumming only because, dear Lord, the vocalist is awful.

Clinic Review – Jojo Mayer Clinic, Memphis Drum Shop

This past Friday (Feb 28th), several of us Visible School drummers saw Jojo Mayer in clinic at the Memphis Drum Shop. Let me tell you… it was a sight to see.


After the typical introductions from his sponsors, Jojo began giving a brief history of drummers and the lineage of drumming from old school Dixie-land jazz to modern rock. He asserted that anytime something big was happening in music, there was a great drummer that was an integral part of it, mentioning drummers like Gene Krupa, Baby Dodds, and Buddy Rich of older jazz and then people like John Bonham and Stewart Copeland for more modern rock. Read more…

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