Drummer Talk Archives – Dualist Pedals, Your Hearing

No new show today, so here’s a show from the archive, originally posted September 29, 2005.


This week Dave, Bryan, Carter, and Shane discuss the Duallist double and TRIPLE pedals, more PDP/DW info, hearing damage, and a breakdown of the various kinds of earplugs out there.

PDP Platinum Series – One Step Closer to DW

PDP Platinum Series – One Step Closer to DW

PDP recently unveiled their new platinum series drums that boast exotic finishes, new wraps, custom set-ups, and snazzy new tube-style lugs.

With new Platinum Series drums, we raised the bar several notches to offer drummers everything they’d expect from a high-end kit without the lofty price tag. Sure, it might be a production kit, but with a wide variety of popular sizes to choose from, it’s easy to customize your very own set-up. Add to that all-Maple shells, new dual-oval tube lugs, STM (Suspension Tom Mounts), True- Pitch Tuning System and so much more, and you’ll agree, it doesn’t get much more serious than this.

I’m still a little wary about the hardware quality with PDP kits, but these things look great. It will be interesting to see how they do in the market. Thanks ThomasC for posting about this on the boards!

How is DW not being sued over this?

I came across DW’s new Steve Smith Backstage Practice Pad and I got a strange feeling of Dejá Vu. How the heck are the Knee Pad guys not suing DW over patent infringement?? These are obviously the same products!

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The Return of the Peter Erskine Freestanding Stickbag!

When Peter Erskine left his long-standing relationship with Yamaha last year for DW Drums, one question that immediately came up was what was the fate of his amazing signature Freestanding Stickbag. I had heard the Yamaha was due to release the stick bag minus Erskine’s autograph, but lo’ and behold it looks as if DW Drums will be releasing the stick bag – this time with a STAND!

This is great news indeed. I own two of the Yamaha bags and love them! It’ll be interesting to see this thing in person and see how the stand works. One improvement I can see from the pic is the rails on the top of the table bit because I am forever having sticks and mallets roll off the top.

P.S. I guess we know now who owned the patent on this sucker.

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